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Starting in 2007, a group of individuals set out to create a safe, welcoming place for all of the LGBT community to gather and call their own. Since then, our mission has grown. 

Having a warm, welcoming and safe place wasn’t enough. We wanted our community and all who entered our doors to flourish, succeed, and blossom into their fullest, most honest selves.

Our mission has grown to since identify, address, and encompass the breadth of the community’s needs, emotionally, socially, vocationally, politically, and beyond. We’ve become a hub to connect the LGBT community to the right place, ensuring everyone lives their most successful lives.


2016-2017, Brett Perkins
2015, Julie Reliford
2014, Robbie Maris
2013, Joe Morris
2011-2012, Del Ray Zimmerman
2010, Jason Fletcher
2008-2009, Stephanie Berger
2007, Lloyd Lewis

OutCentral’s mission to empower Nashville’s LGBT Community to lead healthy, successful lives. We engage, celebrate, and foster the unique beauty of our diversity, creates community, facilitates relevant resources, and advocates justice and opportunity.

We achieve our mission by

• Building strong community by creating opportunities for authentic connections,
• Equipping and educating our community with relevant resources, and
• Increasing LGBT visibility through advocating justice and equal rights for all



Kesley Page

Kesley is originally from Big Rock Tennessee. He moved to nashville in 2009. His desire to serve the board at Outcentral comes from his passion to build diversity in the Nashville community by bridging the gap between the gay community and the trans community.

Vice President

David Long

David Wyley Long is a native of Newark, New Jersey who moved to Nashville, Tennessee in November 2012 to spearhead a new program at a local non-profit. His tireless dedication to assist, uplift and empower black gay men who deal with social ills of life  is one of his life goals. A trained therapist, he is devoted to bringing healthy conversations to everyone he encounters.  Recently, he started a new career journey with the I AM program at Fisk University. In addition, he is committed to the LGBT community by proudly serving on Outcentral Board of Directors. He aims to uplift and empower this special community with love. In his spare time, David enjoys reading, writing, tennis and traveling the world with his friends.
Board of Directors, Treasurer

Ebony Gordon

Ebony Gordon hails from Norfolk, Virginia and has since transplanted in Nashville where she considers home. She is a 2014 graduate from Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Ebony has been an advocate for the HIV-community since 2009, and has been a lifelong ally for the LGBT community. Miss Gordon has elected to serve on the board of Out Central in order to bridge the gap between the LGBT community and people of color  Ebony is excited to serve and looks forward to bringing new and exciting things to the community.
Board of Directors, Marketing

Stæven Frey

Stæven is the Marketing Chair on the Board of Directors for OutCentral. He joined the board in 2016 to help share the message and mission of OutCentral with the Nashville LGBT Community. He holds an MFA in Brand Strategy, has worked with over 150 brands, including bluechip companies like Mars Petcare, Target, and Walmart, and raised over $300M for local and national charities through branding and non-profit development campaigns
He’s passionate about creating authentic community and helping others discover their potential. He is a cat rescue and foster parent and lives in East Nashville with his service dog Onyx. He loves all things that are orange, white mocha americanos, and hate condiments and mean girls.
Board of Directors, Rentals

Jaime Combs

Jaime grew up in a small town in East Tennessee and later moved to Knoxville, Tennessee to attend Johnson Bible College. It was in the Knoxville area that she began gender transition, became a stylist, and later a salon owner.

After experiencing a mass shooting and hate crime, when dear friend was murdered, she decided that it was necessary to be a voice for equality. Jaime served as the president of Knoxville Pflag, and would later become the first transgender person to serve as South Atlantic Regional Director of Pflag National.
She moved to Nashville a year ago to be with her wife, transgender activist Carla Lewis. Since then, Jaime has become a certified hypnotherapist and currently serves as a board member of Nashville Pride. She is active with Pflag and NCTE, National Center for Transgender Equality, events.
Jaime enjoys spending time with her pets, a Papillon, two macaws, and a Solomon Island eclectus. She also enjoys traveling, photography, and comedy.
Board of Directors, Events

Je’Juan Henderson

Je’Juan was born in Chicago and grew up in Louisiana. After Hurricane Katrina hit, he stopped on his way back to Chicago in Nashville and has been here since. He hopes to see change within the LGBT+ community and the world around, growing also in his own personal advocacy.

Board of Directors, Promotional Events Coordinator

Scott Weaver

Scott was born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and moved to Nashville in 2007.  He has served as a Social Justice Co-Chair of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, been a part of Team Friendly Tennessee, and has volunteered with events for the Music City Sisters, where he is now a “Saint.”  He volunteered to serve on the board of OutCentral to help the center more visible within community.  He hopes to share the mission and vision of OutCentral with churches, bars, restaurants, and many other LGBT organizations in the greater Nashville community.

Board of Directors, Art Coordinator

Terry DeMars

Originally from Ardmore, Oklahoma, Terry moved to Nashville January of 2000.  He joined OutCentral’s Board of Directors in December of 2016.  OutCentral has given him the vehicle to strengthen and support the LGBT+ Community here in Nashville and surrounding areas. OutCentral is a safe space and always offers diversity, acceptance, and a sense of helpfulness to all members of the community. He’s very grateful and proud to be a part of this amazing organization.



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